11ty, Webmentions and Bridgy [WebDev Log 01]

11ty, Webmentions and Bridgy [WebDev Log 01]

going crazy with style

This post is a work in progress!

Since I've upgraded pretty much everything here, I'm going back to one of the fundamental problems of my website:

Comments & Interactions

So, thanks to the amazing posts of Max Böck and Sia Karamalegos I'm trying to implementing Webmentions and Bridgy with little success :|

Import the Staticman Oldies

Back in the day, when I was writing for my Blog-Webzine Xabacadabra, I was using Staticman after dropping Disqus for good.

Sadly, it appears that Staticman wasn’t updated for a while and still has a couple of issues with spam & stuff. Furthermore, it requires a lot of work to be configured (Dimitrii Kabardinov explained everything in detail, if you’re interested.


Utterances works really well: looks nice, it's easy, light, cool and all, but...

Needs a Github account in order to comment something.

Fine if you have a dev blog in english I guess, not so fine if you've a generic webiste in another language I'm afraid.


More the Webmentions per se, I'm pretty intrigued with Bridgy.

I'll try to set up things and, if happy, stick with only Webmentions + Bridgy.