VampireMV Devlog 01

While the world is in the middle of the worst pandemic ever, I've started playing around with RPG Maker MV and my spasmodic passion for Vampire The Masquerade (and yes, all started with this dice):

Hoping that Bloodlines II will be a masterpiece like the spectacular first one, I've started making something "inspired by" White Wolf system but with a way different scope and approach:

As I was saying, we are mainly talking about an excuse to play around with RPG Maker MV, JavaScript and stuff like that.

The Project

A Visual Novel / RPG Hybrid heavly inspired by NEC PC-9801 look and feel, Snatcher, Policenauts, plus some classic Dungeon Crawler and the '80s (don't ask me why).

Tweet Log

Great Pluing Coders

So far I must say that I'm loving the works of Galv and Kino, that also made this wonderful bible.